Poll: 98% Say Wenzhou Train Buried to Destroy Evidence

Following the deadly crash and derailment of a high-speed train in Wenzhou, it has been reported that authorities have begun to crush and bury segments of the train (see video below for more). A poll on Sina Weibo asked participants, “Which reason do you believe for why the train was buried? As of now, 62,926 people have voted. (Translated by CDT; See a screenshot of poll results) Poll Results: To fill the pond (yesterday’s news report): 607 (1%)
Better rescue (QQ morning news pop-up): 506 (1%)
Prevent leakage of technology (Capital Express News report): 429 (1%)
Destruction of evidence! ! ! ! ! ! ! !: 61,382 (98%)
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2 Responses to Poll: 98% Say Wenzhou Train Buried to Destroy Evidence

  1. […] The second, is what appears to be censored footage of the incident, concealing something falling from the train, which many believe is a body. The third, is represented by attempts by authorities to literally bury the train wreck. Although they said it was  to protect technological secrets, a vast majority believes it was an attempt to cover up evidence. […]

  2. Will says:

    The great, glorious, and correct Chinese Cover-up Party (CCP) has just done it again. When in doubt, cover it up. Wàn suì, wàn suì!