Quiz: How Well Do You Know Chinese Netizen-Speak?

China Digital Times has added many new entries to the Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon and updated a number of older entries. Take this quiz to see how well you understand the colorful and constantly evolving language of China’s netizens. The answers all relate to new Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon entries as explained at the bottom of this page. Good luck! 1. What is the nickname given to the current Foreign Ministry spokesperson of China?
A. Stiff fish
B. The iron lady
C. The terminator
D. Madame Mao 2. What is the new nickname for Chongqing
A. The even-bigger apple
B. The tomato
C. Re-celebrate
D. Sicily of the Orient 3. It’s not rape if . . .
A. he was wearing a condom
B. she was unconscious
C. you both were unconscious
D. your father is Li Gang 4. The Foreign Ministry Spokesperson told foreign reporters who had attempted to cover the “Jasmine Revolution” in China that:
A. They could interview whomever they wanted as long as they agreed to only publish Xinhua news reports.
B. They should carefully consider how much they cared about getting visas to China in the future.
C. The law would not act as a shield to protect them
D. The protestors had ulterior motives and did not understand the actual situation. 5. There can be no new China without:
A. Lots and lots of fireworks
B. Forced demolitions
C. Finally burying Mao’s pickled corpse
D. Pandas 6. The Wall Street Journal dubbed which of the following, “China’s Weiner.”
A. Jon Huntsman
B. A tiger-suited David Wu
C. A famous type of sausage sold by vendors outside the Forbidden Palace
D. The “room opening bureau chief” 7. If you were to say, “I want to be a man” (我要作人) who would you be expressing a desire to ...
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