Critical Report Pulled from China’s Web

A report written by Tsinghua University sociology professor and former doctorate advisor of presumed next President Xi Jinping, Sun Liping, has been pulled from the web. According to China Media Project, the report was titled “Research Report Series on Social Progress,” and “warned that ‘powerful vested interests’ in China were now ‘holding reforms hostage'”:

A lengthy summary of the Tsinghua University report was published in the January 9 edition of China Youth Daily, and was quickly posted to a number of major Chinese web portals, including People’s Daily Online. But within hours, links to the article were disabled.

By mid-day the link to the China Youth Daily version at People’s Daily Online called up a warning page that read: “The page you are looking for does not exist. You will be automatically re-directed to the People’s Daily Online homepage in 5 seconds.” A similar warning from the popular Netease web portal read: “We’re sorry, the page you are visiting does not exist or has already been deleted.”

For several hours, users on the popular social media platform Sina Weibo shared a link to a cached version of the China Youth Daily report at, as well as news that the article had been deleted from sites like Netease. By day’s end the Baidu version had been pulled down as well. The page now linked only to the electronic edition of China Youth Daily, where an unreadable image of the original newspaper page could be found but the text to the right only read: “This article has been deleted.”

CMP also translates the China Daily summary of the report.

January 12, 2012 3:19 PM
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