Workers In Sudan Not Yet Freed (Updated)

A Chinese embassy official told state media on Tuesday that all of the 29 abducted Chinese workers in Sudan remain missing, despite reports from Sudanese media on Monday claiming that 14 of the workers had been freed. From The Associated Press: The Chinese ambassador to Sudan, Luo Xiaoguang, told China Central Television in an interview in Khartoum that anti-government rebels attacked the road project the Chinese were working on. “There are still Chinese workers missing. Some others are still being held by the anti-government armed forces,” Luo said. Xinhua said 47 Chinese workers were caught in the attack in the South Kordofan region of Sudan. It said 29 were captured and the other 18 fled, and that one of those who fled remains missing. The Foreign Ministry in Beijing had no immediate comment Tuesday. A statement from the workers’ company, Sinohydro Corp., said that it and the Chinese Embassy would “spare no effort in ensuring the personal safety of those abducted and rescuing them.” More details have emerged about the incident, which occurred amid a fight between the Sudanese army and SPLM-N rebels after the rebels attacked the work camp operated by Power Construction Corp of China. While the rebels claim they took the 29 missing workers and held then for their own safety, Reuters reported that 17 other Chinese nationals fled the scene and were taken to safety by the Sudanese army. 34 Chinese workers, including the 17 that had successfully escaped, were safely transported to Khartoum on Monday, according to China Daily. Chinese in Africa are on alert, according to The Global Times, as the incident has exposed the potential dangers of China’s business activities in emerging markets: Jiang Yong, a director of the Center for Economic Security Studies under the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, told ...
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