Sensitive Words: The Yunnan Cannibal

As of May 29, the following search terms are blocked on (not including the “search for user” function):

Related to the case of Yunnan serial killer Zhang Yongming: Several sources have reported that when couldn’t finish eating the flesh of his victims, he sold it in the market as ostrich meat. On April 25, 19-year-old Han Yao of Jinning, Yunnan suddenly went missing. His case has been the key to the mystery of missing children in the area.

  • salted meat (腌肉)
  • ostrich meat (鸵鸟肉)
  • thigh meat (大腿肉)
  • strip the flesh and bury the bones (剔肉埋骨)
  • skeleton (尸骨)
  • eat + victim (吃+受害者)
  • eat + juvenile (吃+少年)
  • Han Yao (韩耀)
  • chain of missing people (连环失踪案)

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