Lhasa Under Lockdown, June 2-14

Armed police in Lhasa.
Most foreigners, with some notable exceptions, will be allowed back in Tibet starting tomorrow. Foreigners were banned from visiting following two self-immolations in the capital, Lhasa, on May 27. What did Tibet look like during the ban? Tibetan poet and activist Woeser compiled reports and photos from Lhasa and beyond via Weibo on her blog. One of the original signatories of Charter 08, Woeser is currently under police surveillance in Beijing. She wrote an appeal to her fellow Tibetans this spring to “stay alive to struggle and push forward,” rather than end their lives in protest. More comments and photos are available from CDT Chinese.   WeaselPauper: The train arrived on schedule in Lhasa. The most outstanding thing was that they didn’t check our tickets as we left the station, but instead our ID cards. The riot police carrying guns and the hoards of city police make you feel nervous, hinting at the lack of peace. (June 2)
黄狼财尽:列车准点抵达拉萨,出站不查车票只查身份证可能是其最大的特色。荷枪的武警与大量的警察给人一种紧张的感觉,预示着这个城市的不平静。(6月2日) Desert-WolfKing: Lhasa is crawling with riot police. In gas stations, temples, power stations, intersections—everywhere there are riot police carrying guns. There are even armored cars in the pedestrian walkways. There are lots of places where you can’t take photos! (June 5)
沙漠-狼王:拉萨什么情况满街都是武警,加油站,寺庙,电力公司,十字路口都是带枪的武警。连步行街都有装甲车。很多地方都不让拍照!(6月5日) ChenMengshengTravels: When taking pictures in front of the Potala Palace, you can’t sit or lie down on the ground. Otherwise Uncle Riot Police will come get you. (June 7)
陈梦生京粤行:在布达拉宫附近拍照,不能坐地上或是趴地上。不然武警叔叔会找你。(6月7日) CoolSummerBreeze: The Lhasa police all drive Infinitis. They sure do have money. (June 12)
夏天小凉风:拉萨武警当官的开私家车牌的INFINITI上班,真有钱啊 。(6月12日) TuoZhenguo: When traveling in certain places in Ti_bet—Mount Everest, Ngari, Shannan, Yadong, Medog—you need a border pass in addition to your ID card in order to get past the border police. In Lhasa you can find a travel agency to get the pass for you, which will allow you ...
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2 Responses to Lhasa Under Lockdown, June 2-14

  1. Adam says:

    Sounds like Baghdad

  2. Lama Dorje says:

    re “LiMumuStudent: I’m here #PotalaPalace I touched the Potala Palace!! It feels so holy…”

    Please be reasonable when practising the holy Dharma. Not with heads in the clouds. Be rooted and grounded onto the Earth. I have been practising, and I never have such reactions when touching any Potala, the 14th Dalai Lama, 10th Panchen Lama, and many other high lamas. In the West, people with neurotic fantasies might be asked to see a psychiatrist. You are lucky you live in China.