Lian Yue: They Really Are Ignorant

Lian Yue, a prominent blogger and citizen journalist, offers this insight into human rights in the U.S. and China: Lian Yue: The U.S. State Department’s Human Rights Report indicated that China is an “autocratic country” and that its human rights situation is “extremely bad.” They really are ignorant. Over the years, under the efforts of the People’s Daily, the Beijiing Daily, the Global Times and CCTV, China’s human rights have long been five times better than America’s. 连岳:美国国务院发表涉华人权报告,指中国为“专制国家”,人权状况“极为糟糕”。——真无知啊,多年以来,中国在《人民日报》、《北京日报》、《环球时报》和cctv的努力下,人权早就比美国好了五倍。 China typically balks at the Human Rights Report, publishing its own reports on human rights abuses in the U.S. People’s Daily published an article on May 29 titled “The U.S. Human Rights Report is Full of False Data and Distorted Views.” But Lian suggests that China’s human rights are sterling only in the world of state-controlled media.  
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One Response to Lian Yue: They Really Are Ignorant

  1. Will says:

    Are the Propaganda Bureau’s humorless apparatchiks clever enough to read between the lines and harmonize Lian Yue’s posted comment?