This Weibo Is Not Appropriate for the Public (Update)

This Weibo Is Not Appropriate for the Public (Update)

Posing as China’s augur of doom, Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, one Weibo user went too far for Sina’s powers that be. Zhang is a talking head who is famous for predicting happy outcomes for Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. This netizen had him fortune-telling closer to home:

MjrGenZhangZhaozhong: Not long after I wrote “The Chinese Communist Party will definitely not collapse,” my words were reposted over 2000 times. The comments were largely quite harmonious, expressing pleasure and approval. I think this reflects the popular will. Yet, inexplicably, my post was deleted. Sina, what is your reasoning? @SinaPartyBranch


Message from systemadmin: I’m sorry, but a post you published at 00:33:43 on June 11, 2012 beginning “I wrote ‘The Chinese Communist Party will definitely not…” has been encrypted. This Weibo post is not appropriate for the public. If you need help, please contact customer service (

系统管理员通知:抱歉,您在2012-06-11 00:33:43发表的微博“我发了条“中国共产党绝不会…”已被管理员加密。此微博不适宜对外公开。如需帮助,请联系客服(链接:


The imposter’s account is also under lock and key. A search for the username  MjrGenZhangZhaozhong retrieves this message:

According to the current laws and regulations, results for the previous search cannot be displayed.


General Zhang does not appear to have a Weibo account.

Via SneezeBloid.

Editor’s Note: Reader Ivan Zhai notes that the Weibo username should be MjrGenZhangShaozhong, as (s)he uses the character 绍 shào. The first character in General Zhang’s name 张召忠, 召 zhào, has the alternate pronunciation shào.

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