Zhou Yongkang: Party and People Thank You

Despite calls for his ouster, it seems Zhou Yongkang won’t be leaving the Politburo Standing Committee anytime soon. He is believed to be a lone supporter of ousted Chongqing Party Secretary Bo Xilai. Rumors that Bo and Zhou were plotting a coup spread on Weibo in March; as apparent punishment, the central government forced Sina and Tencent Weibo to suspend the comment function for three days in late March. As Secretary of the Central Political and Legislative Committee, Zhou oversees a broad range of public security apparatuses, from police enforcement to labor re-education. This year’s national public security budget surpasses that of defense spending. Zhou was in charge of the “Clean the Web Campaign” (清网行动) to scour the Internet for criminal suspects between May and December 2011. He alluded to that campaign this April: SouthernMetropolisDaily: Zhou Yongkang: Public Security Maintains Conformity with the Party center from Beginning to End: During an April 6 discussion of the “Clean the Web Campaign,” Zhou Yongkang expressed that public security is a blameless shield for the country. “The Party and the people thank you.” He stressed that “what the masses most abhor, we will attack; what the masses most loudly make known, we will tame.” In addition, public security must “maintain conformity with the Party center from beginning to end.” People’s Daily 南方都市报:【周永康:公安始终同党中央保持一致】周永康6日在“清网行动”座谈时表示,公安无愧为共和国之盾,“党和人民感谢你们”。他强调,公安要做到 “群众对什么最痛恨,我们就打击什么,群众对什么反映最强烈,我们就整治什么”,而且要“始终同党中央保持高度一致”。人民日报 When this screenshot was taken in April, the post on Southern Metropolis Daily’s Weibo account had been forwarded 2,179 times and commented on 1,254 times. As of June 13, there are 2,917 forwards, but only 11 comments. From the selection of comments below, it’s easy to see why so many disappeared. Still, a few telling remarks been left, such as this one from May 31: TravelingDoctor: Supposing the masses most abhor the central government, what will Public Security do? “What ...
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One Response to Zhou Yongkang: Party and People Thank You

  1. Will says:

    What gives Zhou Yongkang and the rest of his gang of fist-waving authoritarian bureaucrats the sense of entitlement to speak on behalf of “the people” while censoring what they have to say? It is not as though any one of those men came to office by way of popular elections, which the CCP has always opposed for over sixty years of its power monopoly.