Dark Find from Chongqing’s “Beat Black” Campaign

From Beijing to the counties, all levels of government in China include a politics and law commission. These commissions oversee all aspects of legal enforcement, among them the courts. Si Weijiang, one of Chen Kegui’s lawyers, posted on Weibo this image of a bizarre financial transaction, in which it appears the plaintiff’s bank funds were transferred from court to the local politics and law commission. Wu Shuqin, former head of Chongqing Yuqiang Commercial Group Qiangli Transportation Ltd., was arrested in 2009 on suspicion of “mafia crimes” (黑社会性质组织罪, literally “organized crime with black society characteristics”). Fined RMB 200,000, Si noted in Caixin that this amount is still far less than Wu’s total assets [zh], which also include stock holdings. It is unclear whether Wu failed to pay the fine or had her funds transferred for other reasons: SiWeijiang: In Chongqing’s “beat black” campaign, the courts give money to the Politics and Law Commission! If there’s a picture, there’s proof. 斯伟江:重庆打黑,法院把钱划归政法委!有图有真相。 Chongqing No. 5 Intermediate People’s Court Notice of Withdrawal or Transfer of Funds (2010)  Court Enforcement of Financial Penalty Ruling No. 629 Bank:  Ba’nan District Yuqing Postal Savings Deposit Point Following:  (2009) Enforcement notice of financial penalty ruling against Chongqing No. 5 Intermediate People’s Court No. 629 Whereas the individual Wu Shuqin failed to carry out her duties in the allotted time, please transfer all RMB in individual holding savings accounts 606532005232017729 and 606532005232028771 to the CCP Ba’nan District Committee Politics and Law Commission, individual bank accounts or                     state treasurer. Recipient Party: CCP Ba’nan District Committee Politics and Law Commission Location: Agricultural Bank Ba’nan Branch Account Number: 31-101701040000136 Director’s Signature: XXX Bo Xilai shot to fame in part through his “beat black” campaign against organized crime. Now that he and his wife are embroiled in scandal, the mafia-like tactics Bo’s administration ...
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