Forced Abortion Case Settled for $11,000

A Shaanxi local government has reached a 70,600 yuan settlement with Deng Jiyuan and Feng Jianmei, who were illegally forced to have a late-term abortion when they were unable to pay a similarly illegal 40,000 yuan “guarantee” for having a second child. The case sparked a furious reaction on- and offline, and several officials were subsequently punished or given warnings, but the couple were denounced locally as traitors. From Josh Chin at The Wall Street Journal: The money has already been handed over by officials in the family’s home township of Zengjia, near the city of Ankang in northwest China’s Shaanxi province, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. “The signing of the agreement means neither party should raise any question related to the issue again,” Xinhua quoted a local official as saying. […] Mr. Deng, who had previously said he planned to file a criminal complaint against the local government, said on Wednesday that the family wouldn’t be pursuing criminal charges after the settlement. Zhang Kai, the family’s attorney, said they had given up on the criminal case because they didn’t expect to get the necessary help from local law enforcement. “Although they have the right to press charges, if the prosecutors don’t fulfill their responsibilities, it’s impossible to do,” he said. The settlement will not end the fierce discussion that has arisen around the case. Evan Osnos described the argument over China’s family planning policy at The New Yorker, with money weighing heavily both for and against the status quo. [… Last] week, a group of Chinese government researchers called, in the name of economic sense, to ease the one-child policy as soon as possible in order to mitigate the impact of a rapidly aging population and a decline in the nation’s number of working-age citizens. “The longer ...
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