James Cameron Sees China in 3-D

As China opens up its movie industry to more foreign films and increases the number of joint ventures with Hollywood, Oscar winning director James Cameron has said he will start a joint venture for 3-D film technology in China. From Reuters: Oscar-winning director James Cameron said on Wednesday that he will open a joint venture in China to provide 3-D filming technology, the latest move by Hollywood to secure a foothold in the country’s booming movie industry. CPG China Division, the new arm of Cameron Pace Group, will offer Chinese film makers three-dimensional camera technology but will not be involved immediately in producing films, Cameron told Reuters in an interview. “We’re not going to tell Chinese film makers how to make movies. We are going to help them make a transition to 3D production technology as cost effectively as possible, and in a way that doesn’t inhibit creativity,” he said. Three-dimensional films, which enhance depth perception by being shot from two perspectives, gained in popularity during the 2000s and achieved a breakthrough with Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster “Avatar”, a movie about blue aliens which set a $2.8 billion box office global earnings record. The Huffington Post reports that Cameron and Vince Pace will provide technology and production services together with their Chinese partners: Cameron Pace Group’s announcement Wednesday comes as the fast growth of China’s film market is attracting Hollywood studios that are rushing to link up with local partners. The venture with two Chinese partners will supply 3-D filming technology and production services, said Cameron and his business partner, Vince Pace. They said they are discussing possible collaboration with state broadcaster China Central Television on developing 3-D TV. “This is an enormous untapped market that is right on the verge of the transition from 2-D to 3-D,” said Cameron in ...
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