Drawing the News: Anti-Japan Protests and More

The China news cycle has been dominated by anti-Japan protests following the Japanese government’s purchase of three Diaoyu Islands. This week, Drawing the News looks at netizen cartoons tackling this and other timely issues, as well as some more timeless problems in China.
Artist: Murong Ao’ao As his body is consumed by flames, a man in a sports jacket shouts, “Look, someone’s house caught on fire!” Cartoonist Murong Gao’ao is making a dig at “a certain TV channel” which has played up the reaction to the incendiary YouTube film The Innocence of Muslims. Murong writes on his blog, “I watched a little TV on the subway last night. It was still focused with the utmost intensity on anti-American protests and riots in the Arab world. I really wanted to pat them on the shoulder and say, ‘Yo, bro, we have that here, too.’” Artist: Dashix Dashix addresses the anti-Japan fever that has stricken many Chinese since Japan announced it would purchase the Diaoyu Islands. In “The Day in the Life of a Patriotic Loser,” a man makes signs, attacks “foreign devils,” smashes cars, steals Japanese goods, rubs one out (to Japanese porn, no less) and finally lands in jail. “Oppose violent patriotism and don’t be brain-damaged,” the friendly skeleton says at the end. “Love of country begins with loving your neighbor.” Artist: Peaceful House Pearl Shimao The world is dancing to “Gangnam Style,” Korean pop star Psy’s whimsical music video. Psy taught Ellen Degeneres and Britney Spears his moves and has inspired reactions in Utah and remakes in Mongolia. Here, Shimao catches the Gangnam Style bug, dancing his way through New York, Paris and Tokyo. But what is Shanghai style? Our friend has been committed to a mental institution for “involvement in multiple activities,” “running crazily all over the place” ...
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