Weibo: Anti-Japan Protests

CDT Chinese collected these photos from anti-Japan protests over the weekend. Many have already been removed from Weibo.                              
LouIt_246seven8: I went in and snatched a bunch of cell phones… not to mention necklaces… 😉 Toast2OldTimes: Could you send me a little present? 2ndCareNotover: Did you get an iPhone? 😉 LouIt_246seven8: 2ndCareNotover: Oh yeah~ 😉 I got 3… from the counter.                                 LouIt_246seven8: I demonstrated on the streets today. Went to Pinghe Hall [Changsha, Hunan Province] and took some phones and some necklaces… better yet, got the iPhone 4s…                                                                                                                                             Left: Staring in shock
Right: Pretending he didn’t see                   Lao Tan’s Pickle Chicken During the Protests: 1) Shout “the Diaoyu Islands are China’s” and get 10% off. 2) Shout “Japan is China’s, too” and get [cut off]   Pattad staunchly supports sovereignty over the “Diaoyu Islands” Customers who yell the “Diaoyu Islands” are China’s get 15% off Yell “Japan is China’s, too” and get 20% off                                                     Always be on guard and defend the Diaoyu Islands! Be ready ...
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