Cartoon: Political Fatigue

Update (November 9, 2012): The previous version of the cartoon appeared to have been photographed from a newspaper, and CDT had been unable to identify the source. We have since learned that the cartoon is by Wang Jinsong (王锦松) and appeared in the October 29 edition of Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报). One cartoon perfectly sums up this week’s leadership transitions in the world’s two largest economies: Artist: Wang Jinsong In the U.S., election fatigue has driven people to tears. In China, it’s a struggle to hear even a murmur from behind the closed doors of the 18th Party Congress. ...
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One Response to Cartoon: Political Fatigue

  1. Bernard Lenz says:

    That such a potential world-influencing Nation is simply a slave Nation is terribly sad. This despotic group will fall from internal rot and malice. History never fails. What has been is what will be.