Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (11)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source. The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media. 21 March 2006 Please immediately delete “Nationwide, 109 Professors Issue Open Letter to Call for Resistance Against Academic Corruption.” 20 March 2006 Please immediately delete the article about a doctoral supervisor at Wuhan University who is suspected to be involved in plagiarism.  Please acknowledge receipt, thank you. 20 March 2006 Information Office Notice (Fan Tao): Please immediately delete the article “Strike Incident of More than 200 Shops in Beijing Yashow Fashion Market.” 19 March 2006 Concerning reports on the “Yuan Baojing Hired Murder Case” are not to be played up by all websites, corresponding information is to be pushed to the back stage without exception, close news trackers, forums are also not to discuss this. The concrete implementation is: it may be reported on channels, columns, communities and banners, but not put on the front page; forums may issue standard or simplified copy from Xinhua Net, etc., items playing this up or inciting matters are to be deleted. 18 March 2006 Everyone, according to Japanese media reports, a number of Japanese members of parliament are planning to inspect the Diaoyu Islands on 20 March, this matter remains to be verified, and is not to be reported for the moment without exception, for relevant reporting, use Xinhua copy without exception, forums and blogs are not to discuss ...
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