Notice: VPNs Are Not for Fun

These two notices, posted to Google+ last week, inform employees at a business center in the Shandong capital of new measures to ensure that virtual private networks (VPNs) are used for work purposes only. VPNs allow users to connect to the Internet outside of China’s Great Firewall. Without access to the free Internet, it would be near impossible for most international organizations to do business in China. But because they have “abused their privilege,” these employees will now have to let technical staff know whenever they need access. Warning Recently, it has been discovered that at night in some rooms, staff have been privately logging on to prohibited websites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.). Upon discovering such activity, the violator’s Internet access will be directly cut off and the police will be notified. In cooperation with police policy of Internet access through real-name registration, starting today, we will begin the trial implementation of PPPoE* real-name registration for Internet access. Jinan Zhi Jia Rui He Business Center
Jinan City Internet Monitoring Team
2012-11-19 * PPPoE: Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet Warning In order to eliminate access to prohibited websites through use of VPN software by internal staff, starting today, the VPN function will now be disabled. For those who must use a VPN to access the Internet, after preparing your file, go to D1 (88885681) and ask a technician to help set up your connection. Jinan Zhi Jia Rui He Business Center
Jinan City Internet Monitoring Team
2012-11-19 Read more about the travails of VPNs, Google, and the free Internet in China from CDT. Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Little Bluegill. ...
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One Response to Notice: VPNs Are Not for Fun

  1. Will says:

    Good idea to photograph and publicize these notices posted by an increasingly paranoid party-state.