Tibetan Protesters Beaten as Self-Immolations Continue

Four more Tibetans set themselves on fire in protest on Sunday and Monday, bringing the total number of self-immolations since 2009 to 85. The most recent cases have been documented by Phayul: Wangyal: The young Tibetan man has been identified as Wangyal, a student of Sertha People’s Middle School. […]
Wangyal’s condition and whereabouts are not yet known although eyewitnesses say his entire body was engulfed in flames and he could have suffered major injuries. Wangyal is around 20 years of age and an orphan. He has three brothers and one sister. Sangay Dolma: Sources tell Phayul that Sangay Dolma, a nun, passed away in her self-immolation protest in front of the Chinese government office in Dokarmo town of Tsekhog, Malho, eastern Tibet. The exact time of her self-immolation protest could not be ascertained immediately. Sangay Dolma’s nunnery is located near Sangag Mindrol Dhargeyling Monastery. According to various sources, a large number of local Tibetans gathered to carry out the last rites of Sangay Dolma. Kunchok Tsering: Kunchok Tsering, 18, passed away in his self-immolation protest today in Amchok region of Labrang, eastern Tibet. He carried out his protest near a mining site in the region, the same place where Tsering Dhondup, 35, father of three, passed away in his fiery protest on November 20. According to reports, monks of the Amchok Monastery and a large number of local Tibetans are currently gathered at the deceased’s home to offer prayers. Kunchok Tsering is survived by his wife, Sangay Tso, 19 and parents Phagkyab, 40 and Gonpo Tso, 37, and an elder brother. Gonpo Tsering: A group of exile Tibetans from Luchu identified the Tibetan self-immolator as Gonpo Tsering, 24 years of age and father of three children, all below the age of six. “Martyr Gonpo Tsering set himself on fire ...
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3 Responses to Tibetan Protesters Beaten as Self-Immolations Continue

  1. “You can kill them, but you can;t kill their spirit.”

  2. Bo Peep says:

    God bless these brave Tibetan Buddhists.

    May they soon be free from the Chinese occupiers.