Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate in Qinghai

This Thursday, two more Tibetans set themselves on fire in Tongren (Rebkong), Qinghai Province, including a woman, making the total number to at least 74 since 2009. Tongren has been the scene of several self-immolations in recent weeks, including two on Monday of this week. From Radio Free Asia: Tibetan media sources identified the woman as Tenzin Dolma, aged 23 and a resident of Tsenmo Goge village in Rebgong, the county in which most of the recent self-immolations have taken place. […] Separately,  a young man named Khambum Gyal set himself on fire and died near the Rongwo monastery in Rebgong’s Dowa township, sources said. […] In a statement on Thursday, London-based Free Tibet director Stephanie Brigden said that Chinese authorities have blocked detailed news of protests in the Rebgong area. “It may seem particularly important for China to banish any hint of instability during announcements of the new generation of leaders, hence the stringent efforts to block communications to and from Rebgong,” Brigden said. The article also says that Tibetans in exile are hoping that leaders of other countries urge China’s new leaders to restore rights to Tibetans. See also an op-ed by Lobsang Sangay, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile, in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Tibet Is the Test of China’s Rise.” See also a notice posted in Rebkong market announcing new security measures. Read more on Tibetan self-immolations via CDT. ...
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2 Responses to Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate in Qinghai

  1. Cleo says:

    don’t Tibetans have MORE rights than other Chinese?

    I think the zeroes copied the least watched most unpopular of the Jack Ryan films i.e. The Sum of All Fears and performed the “farce” of a ROGUE rightists causing trouble by attempting to “purchase” Diaoyutai requiring the not as Dark SIde of the Force to take control of the “purchase” of Diaoyutai and because Mr. Xi Jinping was too light albeit precise when he labeled the Japanese fabrication as a “farce,” the Japanese continue to use the Ishihara Defense/Excuse/Plea for Sympathy whilst they decloak a heavily militarized Japan with more nuclear reactors than necessary in the interest of accumulating excessive supplies of nuclear weapons materials.

    It’s SUM OF ALL FEARS – that’s how stupid and super dorkish the Japanese are. NO ONE watches that stupid Ben Affleck movie so the Japanese feel that they can get away with it just as they have gotten away with selling Hangzhou steam buns in all their convenience stores and overseas supermarkets because they are not the more well-known Cantonese roast pork buns or Shanghainese meat buns.

    And the Tibetan immolations are the VAMPIRE authority bombing their own True Blood factories. The British tortured Chinese leftists in 1967 and used drugs and hypnosis to create puppets. That’s how the Germans and Japanese zeroes are forcing those “self” immolations. These chronic liars think they can fabricate a foundation for a JUSTIFIED military operation to take the Himalayas for a “Free Tibet.”

    They just bombed a Tel Aviv bus this morning. They have been bombing Israeli civilians for DECADES – buses, markets, PIZZA eateries – and now they weep and moan about Israel going in – the Germans and Japanese want this situation for China.