2012: A Grass-Mud Horse Year in Review

From Bo Xilai’s dramatic fall from power, to Chen Guangcheng’s daring escape to the U.S. Embassy, to numerous sordid sex scandals, 2012 has been an incredibly eventful year in China. China’s 500 million netizens have provided a running commentary on these and other events using memes, veiled references, and wordplays. Take this quiz to see how much you know about China’s current events and the language used to discuss them. Take a guess, then scroll down to reveal the answer and the next question. 1. How did Bo Xilai, the party chief of Chongqing, reportedly react when his police chief, Wang Lijun, told him that his wife was suspected of arranging the murder of a British expatriate? a. Berated his police chief loudly and threatened to have him arrested.
b. Slapped his police chief.
c. Chuckled and said, “You think that’s the worst thing she’s done?”
d. Tried to make his police chief an offer he couldn’t refuse.                     Answer: (b). See slap on the face. 2. After Wang Lijun confronted Bo Xilai and fled to the U.S. consulate in Chengdu, what did the Chongqing information office give as the pretext for Wang’s sudden disappearance?

a. He was recovering from a half-hearted suicide attempt.
b. He had gone into early retirement to devote himself to the works of Chairman Mao.
c. He was recovering from a slap on the face.
d. He was undergoing vacation-style therapy.                     Answer: (d). See vacation-style therapy. If you chose (a), you were probably thinking of Xie Yexin. 3. Leung Chun-ying, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, is rumored to be a closeted:

a. Communist party member
b. member of the Triads
c. Taylor Swift fan
d. ...
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One Response to 2012: A Grass-Mud Horse Year in Review

  1. Will says:

    Actuality is sometimes stranger than fiction, especially under CCP rule.