Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (34)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source. The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media. 19 December 2006, 9:37 I. It is declared that reprinting all sorts of articles from the Huaxia Times and the Democratic Legal Times is prohibited, including common social news, at the same time, this includes copy from the Huaxia Times and the Democratic Legal Times”that has been reprinted on other news websites. Please earnestly implement this requirement in the future. II. All websites, requirements concerning North Korea’s nuclear program and the Six Party Talks. (1) Only use People’s Daily and Xinhua copy. (2) For comment and analysis articles, use copy from Central news work units. (3) Prominently reflect our country’s diplomatic positions. (4) No foreign media reports may be adopted. 19 December 2006, 11:33, Beijing Municipal Information Office Sina, NetEase, Hexun and Mop: Please delete the reprinted China Economic Times text “Investigation into the ’23 July’ Mining Disaster in Mianchi, Henan” and corresponding content. 19 December 2006, 18:46, Beijing Municipal Information Office I. The “Future China Forum” and the “Future China Forum Conference” are extremely reactionary foreign forum websites. All websites, please immediately search for and delete content related to the “Future China Forum” and the “Future China Forum Conference” from forums, blogs, and other interactive segments. All search engines: Please immediately make “Future China Forum” and “Future China Forum Conference” into keywords for screening. At ...
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