Censorship Vault: Mum on Dig at George Bush Jr. and More

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source. The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media. Beijing Municipal Network Management Office, Yang Le (Yang Le), 18:49:19 All websites, pay attention: Please put the special subject on the text message event on the main page of websites, put the title on a red background, and put it as high as possible. Thank you. Beijing Municipal Network Management Office, Yang Le (Yang Le), 19:03:24 Now, please put the news on the text message recommendation in the header of news centers. Beijing Municipal Network Management Office, Yang Le (Yang Le), 19:40:19 (1) From 5 February until 15 February, please put pop-up or floating advertising about this event on the main page of websites; (2) Under the presupposition of there not being major news, the title of this event must be put on the first screen of the main page of websites, and in the middle or upper part of the important news section of news centers; (3) Website main page and news center important news section titles concerning this event are to be put on a red background; (4) Trackers or comments must be opened after every listed text message, comments and posts must be examined first before publication. It has already been posted on platforms. 4 February 2007, 21:58 All websites, the incident that happened within the buildings of Lecheng Group in Guangqu Lu, ...
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