Ministry of Truth: Dispatch from Guangdong

Elton John dedicated his Beijing concert to Ai Weiwei. News of a repeat performance in Guangdong was quashed.
Guangdong Propaganda Department: On November 30, the Public Security Bureau of Xiangqiao District, Chaozhou City investigated and prosecuted, according to the law, the case of an assembled crowd stirring up trouble and distorting social order. For the time being, do not report on related issues. (December 4, 2012) 广东省委宣传部:潮州市湘桥区公安分局11月30日依法查处一起聚众滋事扰乱社会秩序案件,对相关问题暂不报道。 Guangdong Propaganda Department: Regarding follow-up reporting on the protests of universities near the Baiyun Mountain Tunnel, carry the information issued by authoritative bureaus of the Guangzhou government. Do not play up the story. (December 4, 2012) 广东省委宣传部:有关白云山隧道遭周边大学反对的后续报道,以广州市权威部门发布的消息刊播,不炒作。 Students protested the planned construction of the tunnel, which would cut underneath the campus of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies [zh]. Guangdong Propaganda Department: Do not report or comment on the questions asked by a journalist directed at Internet monitoring issues at the December 4 Shenzhen Internet Association news conference. (December 4, 2012) 广东省委宣传部: 4日深圳网络协会发布会上,有记者针对互联网监管问题提问的相关内容不报不评。 Guangdong Propaganda Department: Do not independently investigate, report, or comment on the series of corruption cases in Maoming, with the exception of those which are arranged unified manner. (December 5, 2012) 广东省委宣传部:关于茂名系列腐败案,除统一部署外,一律不自行采访报道评论。 Guangdong Propaganda Department: Without exception, do not report on anything related to British singer Elton John’s concert in Guangzhou tonight. (December 6, 2012) 广东省委宣传部:对英国歌手艾尔顿.约翰今晚在广州开演唱会一事一律不报。 Elton John dedicated his November 25 concert in Beijing to Ai Weiwei. Guangdong Propaganda Department: In reporting on the handover of work among important provincial Party Committee leaders, follow strictly and without exception Xinhua and provincial committee office wire copy (do not change titles or content). Do not produce any other reports or commentary except for the wire copy. (December 19, 2012) 广东省委宣传部:对省委主要领导工作交接相关报道,一律严格按新华社和省委办公厅通稿刊播(不改标题和内文),除通稿外不作其他任何报道评论。 These censorship instructions, issued to the media and/or Internet companies by various central (and sometimes local) government authorities, have been leaked ...
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One Response to Ministry of Truth: Dispatch from Guangdong

  1. Will says:

    So the CCP has added Elton John’s name to the miles-long list of the Party-state’s “enemies.” To paraphrase in slightly modified form an old CCP slogan, “We have enemies all over the world.”