Netizen Voices: “Life Above Politics” in Tibet?

Janphel Yeshi set himself on fire and ran through the streets of New Delhi in March before Hu Jintao’s visit to India. His image appears on the cover of the latest edition of iSun Affairs.
Soon after announcing that “inciting” self-immolation would be prosecuted as murder, Chinese authorities arrested a monk and his nephew in Sichuan Province for “goading” people to set themselves alight. Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin condemned these “murderers,” and the Dalai Lama, on Weibo: HuXijin: Sichuan has cracked the case of Tibetan lamas inciting self-immolation. Instigated by the Dalai clique, two culprits have incited and goaded eight people to self-immolate since 2009, resulting in three deaths. This truly is an unforgivable evil. How vicious does one have to be to use religious ecstasy to engineer self-immolations, and thus exert political pressure? I say it’s right to classify this as intentional homicide. Life is above politics–it is above all else. 胡锡进:四川破了煽动藏人喇嘛自焚的案子,两名罪犯受达赖集团指使,从09年后先后煽动唆使8人自焚,致3人死亡。这真是十恶不赦。利用宗教迷醉制造自焚,以此施加政治压力,这要多么恶毒才干得出来。把这定为故意杀人罪,我看没错。生命高于政治,高于一切。 Dazed netizens complained that Hu’s comments came out of nowhere–before last week, the Chinese press had been silent on the violence in Tibet. Many couldn’t believe that people could be simply “incited” to set themselves on fire. They also called Hu’s bluff on his proclamation that “life is above politics,” since he tows the Party line for a state-run newspaper. Some of the comments: zhaochu1962: Almost none of these cases of self-immolation were allowed to be reported. When people go from ignorance to awareness, of course they will suspect this kind of case-cracking. Burning yourself to death because you were goaded–sounds like a fantasy story. Suicide is not a crime. The evolution of the situation in Tibet to today’s tragic state requires consideration of policy, not dubious victories to anesthetize the public. If we are to maintain unity [of the country], we must face this ...
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One Response to Netizen Voices: “Life Above Politics” in Tibet?

  1. Bo Peep says:

    May God protect and free the Tibetans from those invaders, the Han Chinese thieves and murderers. may India invade and free Tibet and wipe out the Han Chinese criminals. May the U.S. and all Southeast Asia and Japan and Mongolia wipe out all weapons of the Han Chinese and jail them for their crimes against humanity.