Vietnam Breaks Up Anti-China Protests

As tensions continue to escalate over the South China Sea, AP reports Vietnam has broken up anti-China protests in two cities and has detained 20: Police initially allowed about 200 protesters to march from Hanoi’s iconic Opera House through the streets, but after 30 minutes ordered them to disperse. When some continued, they pushed about 20 of them into a large bus which then drove quickly from the scene. It was unclear where they were taken, but in the past people detained at anti-China protests have been briefly held and released. As foreign tourists and Sunday morning strollers looked on, protesters shouted “Down with China” and carried banners bearing the slogan “China’s military expansion threatens world peace and security.” Using loudspeakers, authorities urged them to disperse and tried to reassure them. “The Communist Party and government are resolutely determined to defend our country’s sovereignty and territory through peaceful means based on international law,” it said. “Your gathering causes disorder and affects the party’s and government’s foreign policy.” These protests come amid Beijing’s call for Hanoi to halt oil exploration in the disputed waters. Aside from the protest in Hanoi, a smaller protest in Ho Chi Min city was also broken up by police, from AFP: Activists at the scene told AFP that the 20 demonstrators were rounded up into a bus after the half-hour rally, the fifth such display of public discontent in Hanoi this year against Beijing’s perceived aggression in the sea. The protestors were taken to Loc Ha detention centre on the outskirts of Hanoi, one activist told AFP on condition of anonymity. “I’m detained. And they’ve jammed my mobile phone,” the activist said via text message. They could not be reached for further questions. Security forces also broke up a similar anti-China protest also attended by hundreds ...
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3 Responses to Vietnam Breaks Up Anti-China Protests

  1. eyedrd says:

    The Vietnamese authorities deployed more security force in order to intimidate the demonstrators, who were holding peaceful rallies with chanting, music, and singing like a carnival except for the political and patriotic characters.
    Even the well-respected revolutionary figures were harassed and denied of their rights of participation to these rallies.

    For instance, Ms. Lê Hiền Đức, 80 year-old, nationally and worldwide famous figure for her revolutionary past serving as spy for President Ho Chi Minh and relentless leader of anti-corruption campaign, had been detained at her home by the police officers. She was up all night and anxious about the possibility of leaving her house this morning in order to join the rally with her friends and patriots.

    She threatened that there would be blood shed before 9 am if she was not allowed to leave her house because her life would be worthless living in a oppressive regime, a regime that she had dedicated her life to fight for and now she is not even allowed to exercise her simple rights of a citizen. An ambulance was on standby at her house ready for any tragic eventuality.

    Vietnamese authorities, being puppets of China, crack down on anti-China demonstrations. Time for National Unity!

  2. henry ford says:

    Ms. Chan: for balanced reporting, why quoted propaganda from Global Times without another source from Vietnam? Furthermore, if China really thinks there’s no anger among Vietnamese they are seriously mistaken and they may have succeeded in pressuring the Vietnamese government to suppress the demonstration, but they can’t touch the Vietnamese spirit.

  3. sonny nguyen says:

    it is the time for the patriotic vietnamese to demonstrate that we cannot tolerate such provocative and invasive actions from china, 90 million vietnamese will all rise up to defend our country, stop your invasion now china or history will repeat itself!