Xi, Netizens Have Different “Chinese Dream”

While Xi Jinping touted the importance of a “Chinese dream” in a speech last week about national revival, Tea Leaf Nation contributor Ellen Li explores what the Xi’s vision means to the masses: On Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging services, “Chinese Dream” quickly became one of the hottest topics. But many users were critical of Xi’s choice of words. For example, @长话短说 wrote: “‘Chinese Dream’ appears on television all the time, but I still don’t understand; what is the so-called ‘Chinese Dream’ really about? Is it about making 1.3 billion Chinese people help one organization or one person to fulfill this dream, or, is it about keeping 1.3 billion Chinese daydreaming? [My] research result indicates that the latter is more convincing: keeping 1.3 billion people in a dreamlike state while sending all your children and relatives to the United States to pursue the ‘American Dream!'” Others are more optimistic. @TORO麦子 wrote: “Believe it or not, our society is changing. …Our new Number One [Xi Jinping] is travelling light with smaller entourages; a large number of corrupt officers have been fired; all these facts may seem trivial for people who believe firmly that our society is incorrigible. But I believe change is happening. Soon people will know the power of the ‘Chinese Dream.'” Many Web users chose to define their own versions of the Chinese Dream by talking about their hopes and wishes for the next decade. Zhou Hongyi (@ 周鸿祎), chairman of Chinese software company Qihoo360, wrote a comment re-posted over 18,000 times, which read: “I hope the next ten years will not be a time when people compete based on family wealth and connections; one’s ‘background’ will be mentioned less. I hope everyone will be able to achieve his/her dream as long as they are hardworking, smart, and dare to ...
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