Censorship Vault: Throwing Beggars

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source. The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media. 14 August 2007, 13:35:33, Huang Jing All Websites: Please submit the work plan for your websites for the period of the 17th Party Congress before 4:00 PM in the afternoon of this Friday (17 August) to our office ([email protected]), the content includes: (1) the responsible person; (2) work mechanisms; (3) emergency response mechanisms. 14 August 2007, 18:02:00, Chen Hua Concerning the incident of the Fenghuang Bridge collapse in Hunan, do not issue it on the main pages of websites and the important news section of news centers, it may be issued in the domestic section, let it roll away naturally, use standard copy sources (original sources), manage trackers well. 16 August 2007, 11:03:32, Yang Le On the Fenghuang Bridge incident, all websites are requested to uniformly remove it to the domestic section, no headers must be set up, it would be good if this incident were not played up. 16 August 2007, 14:33:30, Huang Jing All Websites: Please submit your website’s work plan for the 17th Party Congress to our Office before 4:00 PM tomorrow afternoon. 19 August 2007, 14:07, Chen Hua Everyone: Hastily make “torrent China” into a keyword for screening, ensure there are no search results, do not set up related searches; these few days, there have been relatively many calamities, news sources must ...
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