China Calls For UNSC Prudence on North Korea

As trade between China and North Korea increases despite tensions over North Korea’s satellite launch, China is calling for the United Nations Security Council to ‘react calmly’ over North Korea’s recent rocket launch, from The Global Times: “China maintains that the Security Council’s reaction should be prudent and moderate, and that it should work for the peace and stability of the (Korean) Peninsula and avoid the progressive escalation of tensions,” foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a daily press briefing on Monday. Hong said China has repeatedly expressed its position on the satellite launches, stressing regret over the issue. “Based on such a stance, China has constructively participated in the recent UNSC negotiations,” Hong said in response to reports that the UNSC is likely to pass a resolution on North Korea’s satellite launch. “China and the US have many differences in principles over dealing with the satellite launch. That’s why the UN negotiations have lasted for more than a month,” said Shi Yuanhua, a researcher on Korean studies at the Shanghai-based Fudan University. The US wanted to impose new sanctions against North Korea, while China wants to issue a statement to expand the existing UN sanctions, Reuters said. While Chinese state media is calling for the UNSC to be prudent, diplomats at the UN say China and the US have reach a deal that would tighten sanctions on North Korea. The Voice of America reports: The diplomats say the U.S. circulated a draft resolution to the 15-member U.N. Security Council. It could vote as early as Tuesday to punish North Korea for the launch. They say the resolution would condemn the launch and expand existing sanctions. But it is not clear if it would add any new sanctions – a step that China, Pyongyang’s only major ally, has been ...
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