Fallout From The One-Child Policy

As China considers loosening its one-child policy and internal encouragement of reform has been reported, the GlobalPost has launched a series surveying “the world’s worst ever man-made gender gap”.  The first article in the series looks at damage done to the nation’s gender balance, and asks what effects might linger regardless of family planning reform: By 2020, sociologists expect an “extra” 35 million Chinese men — males for whom there are simply no available female partners. That’s slightly more than the population of Canada. This army of single young men is coming of age now. Looking at the next decade and the questions loom large: What risks do they pose and how will China handle them? The questions are particularly relevant in the wake of uprisings in the Arab world, where restless young men are often pointed to at the heart of protests. […]“Crime rates, especially violent crime rates, are rising,” [gender ratio researcher Valerie Hudson] added. “These are the harbingers of the social unrest which we believe will result from about 15 percent of the young adult male population being surplus to the number of women in that age cohort.” Though other countries have skewed gender ratios, China’s is likely worst than any other (though Vietnam is close), said Hudson. As it’s also a burgeoning world power and the world’s most populous nation, what happens here matters. Since 2010, China has been home to more diabetics than any other country in the world, and Newstrack India reports that the one-child policy is exacerbating a diabetes epidemic:  Diabetes in China, which is a greater burden in the country than in any other, is probably being aggravated by its one-child policy. The Chinese Government said that about 100 million families have just one child, which translates into an equal number of ...
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