Scenes from the Southern Weekly Protest

CDT Chinese is gathering images and comments from the ongoing Southern Weekly protest in Guangzhou and beyond. Here is a selection:
Netizens dug up this image of China Daily reporter Tuo Yannan, whom they suspect is the daughter of Guangdong propaganda chief Tuo Zhen.
WeiboSearch: Limiting Search to Individual Weibo Accounts: Currently, there are two ways to do this: (1) Go to his or her homepage (to search your own Weibo, go to your homepage). There will be a search bar in the upper righthand corner of the first post; (2) Enter keywords into the search bar in the top navigation bar. On the search results page under “advanced search,” enter the account whose posts you want to search. See below↓↓ 微博搜索:【如何限定只搜索某个人的微博内容】目前有2种方法:1.去ta首页(如果是想搜自己的微博,就去自己的微博页),第一条微博右上角会有个搜索框;2.在顶部导航的搜索框里输入关键词,进入搜索页,在“高级搜索”的昵称栏填入要搜的人的昵称。具体见下图↓↓
(Does Chief Editor Hu have moral integrity?!)
Supporters in front of the Ningbo Daily: “End press censorship; freedom of the press; freedom of speech.”
Supporters at National Chengchi University in Taiwan: “Support Southern Weekly, defend press freedom.”

Found them! Found them! I found the ancestors of the external hostile forces! To @HuXijin @GlobalTimes
With every flower, blossoms power.
Ordinary People Support Southern Weekly
I don’t think I change the world, I just don’t want this world to change me.
Performance Art: Seeing the Doctor.
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2 Responses to Scenes from the Southern Weekly Protest

  1. Jeff Simpson says:

    I find the protests of the Chinese people so uplifting. Finally they’re challenging the system in a more aggressive way. They’re standing up to the power elite and the propaganda machine that monitors all their media. I was just checking out the Chinese Digital News and the Southern Weekly. Way to go the people of China in demanding the truth and not what some individual thinks the people of China should read or say. Go China!