The Xi Administration Introduces “Eight Musts”

On his China Copyright and Media blog, Rogier Creemers translates an article published by the Observer News Weekly, which he believes is, “the first major policy declaration from the Xi administration.” The article defines the “Eight Musts,” which outline the principles that will guide the current administration. From the translation [emphasis added]: The 18th Party Congress pointed out that, revolving around this main theme, to grasp new victories for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics under new historical conditions, we must closely grasp the basic requirements in eight areas, and let them become the common convictions of the entire Party and the people of all ethnicities in the entire country. These eight basic requirements are: we must persist in the dominant role of the people; we must persist in liberating and developing social productive forces; we must persist in moving reform and opening-up forward; we must persist in safeguarding social fairness and justice; we must persist in marching the path of being well-to-do together; we must persist in stimulating social harmony; we must persist in peaceful development; and we must persist in the leadership of the Party. The basic requirements and common convictions of these “Eight Musts” are an enrichment and development of the inner meaning of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and shall become our programme of action. Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is the undertaking of the millions of people themselves, therefore, the mastering spirit of the people must be given full rein, to better guarantee that the people are the master of their own affairs. Persisting in the dominant role of the people, is that we must believe in the people, rely on the people and consider the people as real heroes. This is the tradition and superiority of the Chinese Communist Party. In another post, Creemers provides analysis of this ...
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One Response to The Xi Administration Introduces “Eight Musts”

  1. Javed Mir says:

    Although from a different angle, these Eight Musts confirm the fact that the people’s participation will have a dominating role in the affairs of the State for a long long period of time.