Banned Weibos: Protesting DPRK Nukes and More

CDT editors have collected the following posts that have been banned from Sina Weibo as of February 14 2013.  
Lanzimujin: When I went back home, I met my husband’s nephew, a sophomore in high school. He hates school, but he loves history and geography. I chatted with him for a bit. He’s quite a cute boy. He said he was brainwashed in elementary school to despise the U.S. and Japan and love Mao [Zedong]. In 2nd grade of middle school, he turned against his brainwashing. He said it would be much better if Xi [Jinping] was Chiang Ching-guo. He even calls himself a rightist. He knows about LXB [Liu Xiaobo]. He said his mother talks all day about the greatness of a certain party. He says his grandmother is an iron GF, and his cousin is a 50-Cent Party member who works for free. He’s quite an angsty young person. 蓝紫木槿: 回老家,先生的侄子高二,厌学,但酷爱历史和地理。和他聊了一会,很可爱的一个小男孩。他说在小学时被洗脑,痛恨美日,无比热爱毛。初二时,反洗脑了。他 说习要是蒋经国就好了。还说自己是右派。他知道LXB。他说他妈妈整天就是某党好,说他外婆是铁板GF,说他堂姐是自费五毛。一个正苦恼着的少年。 Hainan-LiChao: The people of Harbin protesting the North Korean nuclear explosion… 海南-李超: 哈尔滨人民抗议朝鲜核爆…… Banner: (center, large text) Protest Against the North Korean Nuclear Explosion; Protect Our Home, People, Land, Water, Air, and Food ZhangHuazhiV: If I can neither speak out nor sing, then discipline me as you will!
张华志V: 假使讲说话也不可,高歌也是过错,随便你处分我!
Image text: (center) Massacre: The CCP’s “Greatness, Glory, Righteousness” fell from the hearts of the people.
BeijingChaoyangShibaliGuoguijun: Today we went to the Millennium Monument to call for the public disclosure of the assets of government officials 北京朝阳十八里店郭桂军: 今天去了世纪坛要求官员财产公示 Banner: (top) The Citizens Call For Public Disclosure of the Assets of Officials. (bottom) To sign: Send your “name + address + profession” to [email protected] or send a text message to 15810050900 铮然02: 删贴 也阻挡不了民众的觉醒 保卫地球人类 是地球人的责任 Xuxin: Happy Lunar New Year to Big Xi [Xi Jinping]. By the way: When will the assets of government officials be ...
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