Bo Guagua Continues Studies at Columbia University

Bo Guagua, the younger son of ousted Chongqing Party chief Bo Xilai, has enrolled in the Law School at Columbia University, according to the school’s online records and other sources. From Joanna Chiu and Patrick Boehler at South China Morning Post: “I learned from a source closed to Bo Guagua that he was going to law school, so I was curious and checked the websites of some law schools,” said Vincent Ni, a Beijing-based journalist who used his Twitter account to release a screenshot of Guagua’s online student listing on Monday. “I think Columbia is a good choice for him,” said Ni. […] “Bo Guagua has his family’s financial resources at his back, but that’s not unusual for Columbia students,” said a current Columbia Law School student who asked not to be named. “I think my classmates would resist the temptation to judge him based on his parents’ troubles.” […] Professor Joseph Cheng Yu-shek, professor of political science at City University of Hong Kong, said: “This in the eyes of ordinary people is a rather logical choice given the fact that his mother is in prison and his father will likely serve a prison sentence. Staying outside China will probably give him a better environment to pursue his academic studies, and it can also be speculated that with both parents in person the family would need someone to manage the family’s financial assets outside the country.” [Source] Disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai's son Bo Guagua is an incoming JD student at #ColumbiaUniversity in New York. — Vincent Ni (@nivincent) July 29, 2013 The New York Times also reports on the younger Bo’s plans: It is unclear how Mr. Bo will pay for his three-year education at Columbia, which has one of the most expensive law schools in the United ...
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One Response to Bo Guagua Continues Studies at Columbia University

  1. Bo Peep says:

    Columbia University’s campus has become a little Communist China-town. Wake up, Columbia!

    Did he buffalo Columbia for free tuition and room and board? After all these news reports of his father’s financial corruption? Not to mention his mother’s murder of a Britisher and her phony claim she was afraid for her two-faced son. I have no sympathy for this spoiled, obnoxious brat and that education slot should have gone to someone MORE WORTHY. Did they not read his disgusting responses online when everything came down?

    U.S. scholarships should go 95% to U.S.-born students. If they want to give some to foreign students, give them to the Burmese students who fought for democracy, give them to Tibetan students to help them get rid of the murdering, thieving colonialist Communist Chinese in order to free Tibet. Give them to students of our allies.