Netizen Voices: Party Is Good, People Are Joyful

Popular Weibo user “Old Media Wang” (@传媒老王), a.k.a. media scholar Wang Zhiyong, found an interesting advertisement in the state-run newspaper Global Times in the style of a folk painting:

传媒老王: The Global Times published a full-page public service ad: the Party is good, the people are joyful.


"The Party is good, the people are joyful." (Global Times/Weibo)

“The Party is good, the people are joyful.” (Global Times/Weibo)

Wang’s weibo has received 3,569 comments and has been reposted 9,856 times since he first posted it last Thursday. have hardly found the advertisement folksy:

杜楠爆料: Do they charge an advertising fee?


捣乱帝: When you say the Party is good, the people laugh.


Hans哥rELoADEd: In the picture there are a school headmaster standing, a female student lying down, a newborn infant, and a bunch of chickens. How should we interpret this?


This alludes to the recent case of a headmaster allegedly drugging and raping female students in Province.

wjp开心: re:@阿飞喜欢吹: Chinese folks are the best in the world. They’ll keep silent and won’t dare to fight back no matter how much they are debased. How could those local not be happy?

回复@阿飞喜欢吹: 中国老百姓是天下最好的,怎么样被作贱都默声,都不敢反抗。那些官府怎不乐呢?

月半三皮: You don’t understand the intention of the Global Times. They’re reflecting reality, particularly the state of the media. They would rather come up with something that will be remembered by our descendants than have their words banned. They are leaving behind some reminders of the current era. If there were no Global Times, where would be focus? What would we talk about?


长沙陈文忠老师:  //@江西新余刘喜珍: /@Madx: //@隆裕太后: If we love the Party, we should help it form new solutions and policies, critique it, urge it towards progress, so that the Party may be prudent in speech and honest in deed, consider the people at all times, and be crestrained from abusing its power. To defame the Party is to always flatter it, sing its praises, and bewitch it with sweet words, all while furtively thrusting it into the flames. That’s what the official media are doing.

//@江西新余刘喜珍: /@Madx: //@隆裕太后:热爱党,就应该献计献策,抨击批评,鞭策针砭,使其慎言善行,天天为百姓着想,制约权力滥用。陷害党,就天天吹捧他,天天歌颂他,天天灌迷魂汤,暗暗地把他往火炕上使劲推。后者就是所有官媒。

TrippolReal: No comment… Even the Party needs to advertise… Those are North Korean folks in the ad, right?


捞者多得: After Hu Xijin’s Muddled Sh*t Times and the Screwing People Post, my confidence expands a hundred-fold. I can break rocks on my chest and stop trains with my arms!


Cartoonist Shu Hao’s take on the Global Times ad. He places a fifty-cent coin at the top of all his work. (@舒昊1122)

Cartoonist Shu Hao’s take on the Global Times ad. He places a fifty-cent coin at the top of all his work. (@舒昊1122)

小兔的兔八哥: re:@taoke2046: This is what a non-constitutional state is like–revolting. There are more media than just the Global Times weaving new clothes for the emperor.


北京厨子: What I want to know is how they paid for this ad. With taxpayer money? Who approves the budget for the government to pay lip service to itself?


那个野和尚: The text is simplistic and rough, the picture is nonsense, and the typesetting is extremely ugly. It’s like one of those flyers they paste on utility poles.


来自猎户星云: It’s more joyful reading the comments. 


Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Mengyu Dong.

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