Netizen Voices: Bo Xilai Reminds Me of Someone

, chief editor of the state-run Global Times, shared his thoughts on the trial via :

胡锡进: I don’t want to discuss what crime Bo committed–that is up to the court to decide. I just want to say that your subordinate Wang Lijun caused such a stir, and that your wife killed a man. By being drawn into these big scandals, you have already seriously defamed the Party and the government. We low-level Party members work with all our might, but we cannot counterbalance the havoc wrought from the top by someone like you. I hope that no matter how the court judges you, your final statement will be a sincere apology to the people and the Party.


Netizen Javacai蔡 comments:

Javacai蔡: “Your right-hand man defected,  your wife committed a crime, and you yourself have defamed the organization!” …The portrait over Tiananmen is now a backside view.


’s “right-hand man” Lin Biao died in 1971 when his plane crashed in Mongolia–it appears he was fleeing the country after a failed coup attempt. Mao’s wife Jiang Qing was sentenced to life in prison for atrocities she committed during the Cultural Revolution. Mao’s effect on “the organization” speaks for itself.

See CDT’s liveblog for more on the trial.

Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Mengyu Dong.

August 24, 2013 5:29 PM
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