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PBS NewsHour: In China, a Struggle for Rights, but Hope for Future (Updated with Video)

Jim Lehrer speaks with a human rights activist and a China expert about the state of the struggle for human rights in China. From PBS NewsHour Online: JIM LEHRER: That follows, from President Obama’s talk of human rights in China, a look at what rights the ordinary citizens of China actually do have. It comes from Xiao Qiang, a Chinese human rights activist who now edits China Digital

November 18, 2009

A Spirit of Enduring Optimism

For last week’s National Day celebrations, the The New York Times published an interview with 103-year-old who gives a firsthand account of the past 60 years of CCP rule: Zhou Youguang was a child of 6 when a revolution toppled China’s last emperor in 1912. He was 43 when he says he left a Wall Street banker’s job to help Mao Zedong’s Communists create what he thought would be a democracy

October 8, 2009