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Report States China Hijacked 15% of Internet, China Rejects Allegations

John Markoff writes on the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission’s (USCC) annual report to Congress. The report suggests as much as 15 percent of the world’s Web traffic was rerouted through China Telecom for 18 minutes. From the New York Times: An annual report to Congress touched off a round of speculation Wednesday about the motives of a small

November 19, 2010

Ai Mi: Liu Xiaobo Shocks Chinese Society by Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Best-selling novelist Ai Mi (艾米) shared her thoughts on Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize in an Asia Weekly article. Her comments are interspersed with comments from other acclaimed authors, Zhou Duo (周舵) and Ye Fu (野夫), who weigh in on what the prize means for civil society and freedom of speech. Translated by Don Weinland and CDT Staff: Liu Xiaobo Shocks Chinese Society by Winning

November 6, 2010