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Cindy is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley. She studied political science and Asian studies.
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Exiled Lawyer Warns of “Long Arm” of Beijing’s Influence

Exiled Chinese human rights lawyer and activist Teng Biao is calling attention to the “long arm” of China’s global influence operations, which have led to increasing self-censorship on the part of Western companies and other institutions seeking access to the Chinese market. Edward Wong at The New York Times reports: First, there was the hotel chain Marriott

June 17, 2018

How Overseas Chinese Students Navigate Ideology

At the Los Angeles Review of Books’ China Channel, Lu Xiaoyu, a doctorate candidate at the University of Oxford, reflects on the prevalence of cognitive dissonance among overseas Chinese students, who often find themselves navigating between different ideological landscapes as they search for ways to situate their political beliefs beyond the ideological confines

June 2, 2018

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