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4th year Asian Studies major at UC Berkeley with a focus on China and Political Science. Particularly interested in gender construction, political dissent, nationalism, and socioeconomic polarization in the PRC. Likes to run, fence, and otherwise work out. Loves to eat.
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Apply to Join the Qiang Nationality in Fengxian, Shaanxi

Last week the Chinese Business View reprinted an article (Chinese) from Oriental Outlook about a rush of applications from Han residents of Fengxian county in Shaanxi province to register as members of the Qiang ethnic group.  Eric Mu at Danwei has translated choice excerpts: For many people in Fengxian, this is an exciting piece of news: local Han Chinese whose families have lived

December 29, 2008

China Sends Delegation to Defuse Rising Indian-Pakistani Tensions

A seven-member delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister He Yafei arrived on Monday in Pakistan to address mounting tensions between India and Pakistan over the Mumbai terrorist attacks in November.  China National News reports: In an effort to defuse tension between India and Pakistan, China has sent a seven-member delegation headed by its Deputy Foreign Minister, He Yafei,

December 29, 2008