Author: Anne Henochowicz

Anne Henochowicz is a commissioning editor at the China Channel and the former translations editor at China Digital Times. Her work has appeared in ChinaFile, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Foreign Policy. She is an alumna of the Penn Kemble Democracy Forum Fellowship at the National Endowment for Democracy. Anne studied Inner Mongolian folk music at the University of Cambridge and The Ohio State University.
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Word of the Week: Dinner Party

The Word of the Week comes from the Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon, a glossary of terms created by Chinese netizens or encountered in online political discussions. These are the words of China’s online “resistance discourse,” used to mock and subvert the official language around censorship and political correctness.

Gòngcāndǎng 共餐党

Nickname for the Communist

October 6, 2016

Hong Kong’s Onion Interviews Chinese Tourists

A record number of Chinese tourists have traveled outside of the mainland this year, and Hong Kong is their top destination. Tensions between locals and mainland visitors have been high for years, with many Hong Kongers disparaging the tourists as “locusts” who empty the city’s shelves of goods, misbehave, and generally wreak havoc. The political tension between

September 30, 2016