Author: Jonathan Ansfield

Jonathan Ansfield reports for Newsweek magazine from Beijing, where he has lived for over eight years. His freelance work has also appeared in The Asian Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper, and The News York Times. From 2001 to 2004, he served as a general news correspondent for Reuters. His main area of interest is the Chinese media and its political and market roles in democratic change.
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Damage Control: Chinese press leaks on the big spill

Pity China’s propaganda-meisters. Since the truth broke that the Songhua River was accidentally spiked with a blast of benzene, the party’s Central Publicity Department (CPD), charged with the somewhat absurd task of covering up a screwed-up cover-up, have tried and failed twice. The mess has only gotten uglier. Now the spokesman who first sounded of the deception,

December 12, 2005

Look Hu’s Talking – Yanhuang Chunqiu, Bolan Quanshu, Caijing

Behind closed doors on Nov.18, Communist Party potentates marked the 90th birthday of late party chief Hu Yaobang, whose untimely death spirited to life to the Tiananmen Square protests (see Reuters coverage). But the decision to give Hu his proper due has elicited a comparable trickle of the public sentiment that gushed onto the streets in 1989. This time around, it has not gone much

November 28, 2005