Author: Jonathan Ansfield

Jonathan Ansfield reports for Newsweek magazine from Beijing, where he has lived for over eight years. His freelance work has also appeared in The Asian Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper, and The News York Times. From 2001 to 2004, he served as a general news correspondent for Reuters. His main area of interest is the Chinese media and its political and market roles in democratic change.
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Gao Qinrong Silenced Again

Sometime overnight,
Biganzi/CDT has learned, Internet authorities ordered a blackout on the subject of freed ex-journalist Gao Qinrong [see earlier post]. “We’re not allowed to run the story anymore,” the editor of a major Internet portal said on Monday. “It [the ban] appears to be fairly comprehensive.” In Beijing, Gao’s name in Chinese

December 17, 2006

From Kidnapped Bride to National TV, And Back

The latest edition of South Wind Window (Nanfeng Chuang ÂçóÈ£éÁ™ó) magazine has a soild read about a peasant woman’s unlikely transformation from kidnapped bride to model teacher, and the pressures she’s faced from local cadres since hundreds of Chinese newspapers and TV stations latched on to her story earlier this year. In 1994, when she was 18, Gao Yanmin fell into

December 13, 2006