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Josh Rudolph currently lives in Vancouver, where he recently finished an MA at the Institute of Asian Research at UBC. His thematic focus is on Asia Pacific Policy and media representations of Asian culture, society and religion, while his main geopolitical interest lies in China.
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Chen Guangbiao Looks to Buy NY Times Co.

Reuters reports that Chen Guangbiao (aka Chen Ditan—”low-carbon Chen”), the billionaire recycling tycoon and former canned-air salesman known for pulling eccentric publicity stunts, has announced that he is looking to buy a controlling stake in the New York Times Company: An eccentric Chinese recycling magnate said on Tuesday he was preparing to open negotiations

December 31, 2013

Hengyang Bribery Scandal Highlights Party Corruption

The South China Morning Post reports that lawmakers have resigned in mass in Hengyang city, Hunan province after a massive bribery scandal led to the sacking of 56 provincial legislators: The massive vote-buying scandal that has already decimated the local people’s congress in one Hunan city exposes deep-rooted problems in the country’s legislative system, analysts

December 31, 2013