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China’s Environment in 2013

For Shanghaiist, chinadialogue editor Sam Geall reviews ten major environmental stories from China in 2013, from the persistent pall of air pollution to the armada of dead pigs that descended on Shanghai, including the various actions of officials and citizens. In March, when more than 10,000 pig carcasses floated down the Huangpu River, a major water source for Shanghai, the country

December 31, 2013

Last Uyghur Detainees Released From Guantánamo

The last of 22 Uyhgurs held by the U.S. military at Guantánamo Bay have been freed, ten years after investigators determined that they should be released and five years after a federal judge ruled that they were unlawfully detained. The three men have been granted residence in Slovakia. From Charlie Savage at The New York Times: The Uighurs have long served as a particularly high profile

December 31, 2013