Author: Sophie Beach

Sophie Beach is CDT's Executive Editor. She lives in Berkeley, California.
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CPJ Report: Challenged in China

The Committee to Protect Journalists has issued a report on the status of press freedom in China, covering traditional media, online and social media, and the growing global influence of China’s media and online controls. From the introduction by David Schlesinger: Decades of reform and opening have produced nearly 600 million Internet users, more than 400 million mobile

March 11, 2013

Food Prices Escalate Amid Inflationary Pressures

In the National People’s Congress session, the government set a target of 3.5% inflation for 2013, but leaders have acknowledged that keeping consumer prices in check in a major challenge confronting the incoming Xi administration. Food prices, in particular, are escalating. From the BBC: Consumer prices rose 3.2% from a year earlier, with food prices up by 6%. Inflation

March 11, 2013