Author: Wang Feng

US Emissary to Beijing Urges Floating RMB (Caijing Magazine)

Despite his low profile, Paul Speltz is in Beijing for serious business. In an exclusive interview with Caijing on June 13, the first he has given to the Chinese press since his latest assignment started two months ago, Speltz wore a sun-beaten polo shirt and repeatedly referred to his job as conducting “private, quiet dialogues.”
But his mission couldn’t bear

July 1, 2004

CDF Conference: Bu Wei on Digital Adoption

Among kids, she has found over 60 percent adoption in several large cities. Among kids who use the net, 78 percent use the net at home — a number that rises to 90 percent in Beijing. 67 percent use the net at a friend’s home, 50 percent at school, 42 percent at parents’ office, and only 30 percent at an Internet cafe.

May 1, 2004