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In Worker’s Death, View of China’s Harsh Justice – Jim Yardley

From The New York Times: From the prison cell where he contemplated an executioner’s bullet, a migrant worker named Wang Binyu gave an anguished account of his wasted life. Unexpectedly, it rippled across China like a primal scream. Articles in this series are examining the struggle in China over the creation of a modern legal system. Previous articles examined flaws in the

December 31, 2005

In 2006, We Hope – China News Weekly

From China News Weekly (zhongguoxinwenzhoukan), via (translated by CDT, links are added by CDT) Facing 2006, we hope that China’s reform will make critical progress in challenging areas, the country will be prosperous and people at peace; and society will be harmonious; We hope that there will no longer be so many miners who die in the dark underground, and that their

December 31, 2005

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