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Cell Phone and Surveillance – Carlos Rojas

From The Naked Gaze ËÇâÁúº blog: In one scene in Jia Zhangke’s (Ë¥æÊ®üÊüØ) The World (‰∏ñÁïå) (2004), the jealous Niu (Jiang Zhongwei) considers giving his girlfriend Wei (Jing Jue) a new Motorola cell phone with a GPS chip so that he can keep track of her whereabouts when he isn’t around (he is increasingly annoyed because he keeps finding her cell phone turned off whenever

December 20, 2006

Net giants ‘still failing China’ – Thembi Mutch

From BBC: Earlier this year net giants Google and Yahoo came under fire from Human Rights Watch and Reporters Sans Frontieres, for their activities in China. But is the criticism warranted? In 2003 the Chinese police who had been monitoring message boards, blogs and personal emails, asked for the sign up account details of two anonymous bloggers. These were handed over by Yahoo China

December 20, 2006