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‘Father’ of China’s Great Firewall Shouted Off Own Microblog

From The Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report Blog: Translations of comments appearing on China Digital Times, a China-focused news blog run by the Berkeley China Internet Project out of the University of California, Berkeley, included insults like “Brother Fang, when are you going to die?’’ and “F— you 404 times,” a reference to the “404 error” message that browsers

December 20, 2010

Netizens Force Fang Binxing (方滨兴), Father of the GFW, Off of Sina Microblog

On Monday morning, Fang Binxing, (方滨兴) the President of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications who is known as the “father of the Great Firewall,” opened a Sina Microblog account. Within three hours after his second post was spotted by other micro-bloggers, over 3818 netizens followed him, and despite rapid deleting of comments to his posts by Sina editors,

December 20, 2010

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