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Chinese Internet Stocks Sag just published a article on Chinese Internet stocks. The article Piper Jaffray said the growth of short-message-service mobile technology has temporarily evened off in China. After the note, was down $2.67, or 7.5%, at $32.84, while was down $3.68, or 8.9%, at $37.78. was down $6.50, or 9.6%, at $61.05.

October 22, 2003

Beijing punk comes to San Francisco – Anna-Sophie Loewenberg

From When Xiao Rong started China’s seminal punk band Brain Failure, he was a teenager. That was years ago, when nobody had ever seen anything like the mohawk and the studded-leather belt Xiao sported around Beijing. Living on American fast food and pirated CDs, Xiao was one of the first Chinese youth to write punk lyrics with a blatantly political message. At that

October 21, 2003